Patient Speaks

My Name is Dharmendra. I was suffering from problem of pancreas. I was told that my pancreas completely necrosed and not working at all. Despite being admitted in few other hospitals I was having high grade fever and intractable abdominal pain. I have lost hope of recovering from this illness and was told that this can be life threating. Then finally I consulted Dr Kapil Sharma. He have explained me about my disease process and its treatment with compassion and done minimal invasive endoscopic procedure and drained all necrotic pancreas into stomach with help of Endoscopic ultrasound and metal stent. My fever and abdominal pain got subsided next day and got discharge thereafter. He is best and through. Highly recommended


My Name is Vijay Sharma. I was having difficulty in eating foods and drinking liquids and also losing weight for 5 years. I was not able to sleep because of chest pain and and Reflux of fluid and food from the nose and mouth during sleep. I have visited many doctors and hospitals and was treated with acid suppressing medicines without any response. Then finally I consulted Dr Kapil Sharma. He had explained me about my disease process and its treatment and ask forone new test esophageal manometry. After result of this test he told me that I was suffering achalasia cardia and advised for new endoscopic treatment - Per oral endoscopic myotomy. He told me that in this endoscopic procedure valve of oesophagus is cut open with endoscopy without any cut on the skin. This procedure had given me immediate relief in chest pain and difficulty in eating and got discharged after 48 hours. Dr Kapil Sharma is incredible in doing difficult and hard endoscopic procedure. Highly recommended

Vijay Sharma